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IMPORTANT: We are not currently NPIP certified! We should be getting certified in March weather permitting. I cannot ship live birds at this time, and can only ship eggs within the boundaries of the state of Maine. 

Holding: Holding birds can be done at the buyers expense. Price of chicks increases a dollar per week, for the few weeks after hatch, and increases as the birds consume feed at a faster rate.

Pick up: The date you intend to pick up your orders must be specified in advance. We are a small family production, we may not be available any day of the week. Time and date must be specified so we know when to expect you.

Hatch dates: Our birds don't lay on demand... I set eggs when they are available. It takes 21 days for chickens to hatch, 18 days for quail, and 27-30 days for ducks and geese. Do not place an order and expect birds faster than I can hatch them. We are not a commercial production, and do not drop ship. I will post updates of known hatch dates, and the breeds set when available. 

First come first serve basis! If we cannot provide you with the breeds desired, you may choose another breed to supplement your order. Some of our breeders consist merely of pairs, others trios. The only birds readily available include barnyard mixes, and quail.  

Ordering: Please send your orders to [email protected] Expect at least a 21 day wait for chicks, they need to be set and dont hatch on demand!

Mixed Breed

We have found that are mixed breed birds sometimes wind up being our favorites with their unpredictable color, shapes, and sizes. All of our mixes will come from healthy parent that are good layers of large brown or green eggs. We breed for cold tolerance and mellow temperament, making them ideal starter birds. These birds are readily available as it does not require me to separate breeding groups in any special way. 

Eggs: $5.00 a dozen 

Chicks: $3.00 each

Available For Order

Mixed Color Orpingtons

Our English-style orpingtons are much larger and fluffier than any orpingtons you'll find at a large scale hatchery. Our birds come from lines bred for their size and shape. These super friendly birds are also excellent layers of medium sized brown eggs. Our flock consists of a mixture of colors, so you'll never know what you will get! We have a mixture of blue-black-splash, lavender, buff, and golden speckled hens, with buff and lemon-cuckoo roosters. Most of your chicks will be mixed colors therefore they are not suitable for show purpose, however you may wind up with a pure lemon cuckoo or buff chick here and there! Get beautiful, English-style orpingtons without breaking your bank! 

Hatching eggs: Only half dozens for now at $9.00

Chicks: $5.00 each

Not available at this time


Buckeyes are named after their deep red-brown color that is described as similar to that of a buckeye nut. These large, hardy birds are excellent foragers and winter layers. Pure bred buckeyes will have a slate colored bar in their under feathers that originates from the barred rocks used in the original breeding program. These unique birds are the only known breed developed entirely by a woman. These birds lost popularity when the Rhode Island Red, and other higher production breed came into popularity. The personalities of the buckeye makes them one of my favorite birds to have here on our homestead. 

Hatching Eggs: Only half dozens available at $12.00 each. 

Chicks: $8.00 each

Not available at this time

Assorted Color Coturnix Quail

Coturnix, or Japanese, quail are small, quirky little birds. Chicks hatch out the size of quarters, and mature to their full size within six weeks and begin laying shortly after. They are consistent  layers of small green, speckled eggs, which are considered a delicacy. While small, the birds themselves are very good eating. They have very fine meat quality, and are often served by high class restaurants. Because these little birds can be skilled fliers, they are great for training falcons and dogs. Their flight patterns are very similar to those of the woodcock. We keep a mixed pen of Italians, wild color, and Texas A&M quail. 

Hatching eggs: $5.00 per half dozen, $8.00 a dozen. 

Chicks: $2.00 a piece


Sold Out until further notice

American Buff Geese

These rare beauties are some of my favorite birds on the whole farm. Unlike many breeds of geese, American Buffs are extremely docile and friendly geese. Their buff color feathers stand out, making them a beautiful addition to any flock. Originally bred for meat, their light color feathers make for an easy to clean carcass. 

Hatching Eggs: $5.00 Each

Goslings: $25.00 Each

Sold Out until further notice